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The latest chat from the TES Scotland forums

The latest chat from the TES Scotland forums

Freedom for Scotland samuelstein: Should Scotland break away from British rule?

Delilah0: Mibbes aye and mibbes naw.

LizaWithaZ: Aye, and then we can insert the word "supreme" in between "curriculum for" and "excellence". Aye, ah huv a dream!

davieee: No chance. Big mistake and most of us know it.

Si N. Tiffick: But then, given recent events, the SNP may call a referendum, then they might just ignore the results and land us with a separate Scotland anyway .

socrates82: The topic header and the premise above are not accurate IMO. "Freedom" from what exactly?

"Should Scotland separate from the rest of the UK?" or "should Scotland be an independent nation?" are more valid ways of stating the option.

samvimes: We shall look at England, with its shareholder profit economy, its kettling Metropolitan Police, its prescription charges, its profit- driven private companies, its so-called public schools, its academies, its racism, and its nuclear weapons and we will say, "No. We do not wish to be like you." On the question of independence, if Mr Cameron should decide to tell us "No", we will reply that he is only the prime minister. But we are the people. And we say "Yes".

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