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The latest chat from the TES Scotland forums

The latest chat from the TES Scotland forums

Probation advice

escott16: I am about to start my probation period in what seems like a lovely school, supportive mentor and good class. It looks ideal, but I am actually feeling ill at the thought of it. I have gone into school a few times to try to organise the class etc, but am daunted by the prospect of being responsible for a class for a whole year, when the most continuous responsibility I have had was 10 days last year as a student.

grant2007: Don't panic. You will be fine once you get going, and your mentor will support you. What class do you have? If you have been in, you will know the layout of your room. Familiarise yourself with the names, as that will make it easier to learn who is who when they come in. Don't think beyond the first day - everything will click into place once you start.

escott16: It's a P3 class with no issues. I might get the class to design their own name badges to help kill some time and let me know what their names are without asking them every five minutes.

s0910777: It'll be fine. Every probationer feels that way. P3 is a good age (eager to please). First day, just settle them with design task or maybe ice breaker games and a listening activity. Move on to responsibilities and rules so they know you're no pushover and, trust me, by October break you won't even remember how you got there.

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