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The latest chat from the TES Scotland forums

The latest chat from the TES Scotland forums

Getting out

cresco: Had enough. I don't believe in the job any more. I don't know why I am doing it. Behaviour of the young ones coming up from primary is awful. It is not the fault of the primary teachers - it is Curriculum for Excellence - everything is about the child . wrong. These kids need discipline and they are not getting it.

holdingon: Yes, we have noticed a deterioration in the quality of behaviour of our new S1.

cresco: The tutors at the colleges do not need to face the consequences on a daily basis. We do, and it is so wearing. Another point that is forcing me to leave is people in their twenties in charge of departments who have never taught Higher classes. At a certain school on the first in-service day, staff were told to meet first thing in the assembly hall. The 100-odd staff were all seated and the lights went down. Then the Rocky song - Eye of the Tiger - was belted out. A spotlight then shone on the rector who was dancing on stage. The rest of the staff were encouraged to dance as well. I kid you not.

jonowen: I don't blame new graduates. If I was a twentysomething graduate that looked like a Top ManChelsea Girl mannequin, I'd start listening to whichever guidance teacher took me under their wing and do the A, B, C of whatever technique they told me to - to vouchsafe a place on the promotional ladder.

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