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The latest chat from the TES Scotland forums

The latest chat from the TES Scotland forums

North Lanarkshire's plans for a severe schedule of savings

GuessWho: What concerns me is the fact that our unions are not getting stuck into the council about many of the proposals. Proposed major cutbacks in classroom assistants and learning support staff - if that's the case then inclusion must go.

Effinbankers: We moved to the 33 period week a couple of years ago, but we were told that it had nothing to do with money - the extra three periods (from 30) "would help implement CfE".

Everyone hates it - pupils and teachers. Period 5 has become the worst period to teach pre lunchtime, and you still have the unpleasantness of fourth year period 7.

Although very unpalatable, at least NLC is being honest about the true rationale behind it.

Dominie: I suspect that similar plans, if not so extreme, will be revealed by other local authorities before the month is out. Roll up your sleeves folks. We are heading for a rammie.

triadplus1: l "Review of ASN assistants: pound;312,000, 15 posts.

- Close all nurture groups: pound;483,000, 15 posts.

- Close all 70 breakfast clubs: pound;280,000, nine posts."

Short-term savings made at the expense of our vulnerable, the price will be paid by them immediately and by them (again) and also everyone else in the coming years.

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