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The latest chat from the TES Scotland forums

The latest chat from the TES Scotland forums

New Nationals

Cthulthu: It is disappointing that no one has raised the subject of the unit assessment support materials for Nationals 3 to 5 that appeared on the SQA site just over a week ago. I was quite anxious to see the new assessment exemplars. Alas, I was enraged - what I saw was nothing more than an incompetent rehash of the old Scotvec modules. And they contained spelling errors; some suggested answers for questions were absurd; and the texts were entirely inappropriate.

A colleague who attended the SQA event for modern studies was dismayed to be told that pupils could convey their knowledge of "the six roles of the MP" by means of drawings or in a rap. Something must be done.

Effinbankers: Totally agree. The dumbing down of Scottish education goes on. While teachers are calling for more rigour, the opposite is happening. There will be no debate on this until next year, until parents actually see the examinations and assessment structure their children are undertaking (or not if they're only of National 4 ability).

Airy: National 5 is supposed to be the equivalent of Int 2 and I was concerned about abandoning some kids to the internally marked Nat 4. Now I'm reassured on that score because I reckon I could take almost anyone through Nat 5 if that's the standard required.

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