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The latest chat from the TES Scotland forums

The latest chat from the TES Scotland forums

A private matter.

morrisseyritual: Stow college chair quits after recording Mike Russell at meeting.

gnulinux: Did MR state at the start of the meeting that its "contents" were private? How many people made notes on paper as the meeting progressed, or perhaps just remembered what he said and then passed it on to colleagues later? 80 people at meeting is NOT private. This is just an overt instance of the bullying and thinly veiled threats emanating from MR and aimed at teachers.

Kurtz32: I assume you're in favour of colleagues recording each other's comments in meetings?

gnulinux: Yes - they are called minutes.

CheesyWotsits: That's deliberately missing the point. Are you happy for your meetings to be recorded with an audio recording without prior consent? Suppose a pupil used their mobile phone to record one of your lessons, then sent the recording to his friends.

Kibosh: This is not a valid comparison.

CheesyWotsits: Why not? A classroom is a meeting of people. The contents of the meeting are not private or secret. The people in the meeting are all privy to the information there, and that information may be useful to others who were not in attendance ... Of course, we would object to this, because it's been done without permission. If this was a story about a manager recording a meeting with subordinates without their permission the argument would be the other way around.

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