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The latest chat from the TES scotland forums

The latest chat from the TES scotland forums

Solutions for supply crisis

Imsdal: My council's proposals: a) hire permanent teachers; b) give supply teachers a "temporary form of extended contract" so they can be paid the higher rate; c) use nursery teachers to cover classes; d) flexibility in contact-time; e) offer more hours to part-time staff; f) move staff around the city; g) CPD only outwith school time; h) redeploy centrally based staff. These are intended as short-term proposals only.

Is there a risk that C and D may become longer-term? I like A (I'm a temporary teacher and want to go permanent). B at least acknowledges the problem. E makes sense and probably happens anyway.

leesey: Nurseries should have nursery teachers, and NCCT is non-negotiable. If they attempt these, contact your union. Sounds like they want to do away with it. A would be fantastic and B should be doable, but I reckon they will aim for C and D for money-saving.

mustbecrazy: Any change to teachers' terms has to be agreed by CoslaScottish government and unions. Council is on dangerous ground with D and possibly F, G and H.

airy: McCormac suggests greater flexibility over contact time ... I worry its introduction is inevitable. Employing permanent supply has been done by many rural schools who struggled to get supply on short notice. I think it's a good option. Non-contact time is absolutely necessary every week.

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