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The latest chat from the tes scotland forums

The latest chat from the tes scotland forums

Scottish government funding to complete degree.

triadplus1: I received a letter from the University of Stirling relating to (government funding to complete a master's). The deadline was 14 December. Teachers who completed 60 credits of the chartered teacher programme in recent years are eligible for funding for the degree.

leesey: I was contacted by Edinburgh Uni - but on my work email and I'm on maternity leave. Didn't check it until 21 December. I responded but had no word back, so I think I've missed my chance. braemar: You should be OK. I was contacted by CG before Christmas to gauge interest. The email indicated that CG was hoping to contact interested people at some point in the new year when they get the go-ahead from the Scottish government.

pinkfish6779: I've just been contacted by Dundee Uni - I'm on maternity leave too and wasn't aware of it until now. They've said I can start in September and still get funding. I have to let them know by next Friday. Would I be able to cope?

triadplus1: Stirling Uni has been in touch with newsoffer of grant to finish degree commencing in September.

leesey: Pinkfish, I'm coping not too badly. Been back for three weeks. I usually reserve Sunday nights for assignments, and I'm now doing my dissertation. This is my self-funded master's. It would be nice to get some money for it, though.

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