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The latest chat from the TES Scotland forums

The latest chat from the TES Scotland forums

Periods per day

Kurtz32: With the impending arrival of pupils' CfE personal support entitlement, any views on the merits of 6 periods per day versus 8? Is anyone still "doing" 8? Would it be better for pupils to be in shorter classes or is it another way for The Man to squeeze us harder?

cochrane1964: Inverclyde: Mon 7, Tue 7, Wed 6, Thur 6, Fri 6. I find it very fatiguing, as do pupils doing the MondayTuesday shift. Period 7s are problematic.

catmother: I've never heard of this. What is it?

GuessWho: Part of CfE. Every pupil should have "personal support entitlement". In many schools they have extended registration and called it "tutor time" so that pupils can have one member of staff who will "know" the kids. Used to be called guidance teachers!

sicilypat: We have a 7-period day Monday to Friday. This involves a 3-period afternoon with no break. I'd avoid this format. On days where I have no non-contact time, the long afternoon is exhausting. I'd prefer a return to 6-period days and can see no benefits of the shorter classes. Shorter periods may mean more classes and more preparation and marking.

inthered: Our region has just agreed to a 33-period week. They can shed 2-3 teachers per secondary, since all teachers can be taken nearer to the magic 22.5 hours class contact time. They're trying to dress it up as more valid educationally, but it's so obviously budget-driven.

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