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The latest chat from the TES Scotland forums

The latest chat from the TES Scotland forums

School sponsorship

kibosh: Highland Council to explore sponsorship deals for schools (TESS, 22 February).

socrates82: I don't fancy the idea of a school building being covered in adverts but I don't have a problem with some limited sponsorship, eg, of sports strips (if it's appropriate, of course). A couple of our school's teams wouldn't have strips otherwise.

Effinbankers: Councils are showing double standards by advocating that Tory capitalist and free market values are best. Why not go the whole hog and get KFC to run the school canteen?

kibosh: If more LAs join Highland in this, then it may yet come to that. Or something similar. Do others think this whole idea is "slippery slope" territory? Or is it simply a good way for cash-strapped LAs to partially address budget deficits?

socrates82: I would say most mainstream parties, at least to an extent, endorse these values now. I'm OK with some limited sponsorship but agree about the slippery slope.

catmother: Feels like the road to English academies- style schools, which seem run by HTs who sound like second-hand dealers.

triadplus1: Slippery slope? Yes. Are we likely to accept limited sponsorship within our corridors to enable kits to be purchased? LAs need to buck up and provide funding for essential elements to education. We have a duty to educate, not indoctrinate "brand culture".

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