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The latest chat from the TES Scotland forums

The latest chat from the TES Scotland forums

Cosla and EIS

cochrane1964: Hearing bad vibes that a retired teacher may still be negotiating on behalf of the EIS behind the scenes over pay and conditions. It looks like the EIS may sell out everyone again to solve the supply crisis. Can't get supply staff? What are these lazy so-and-so's doing playing darts and watching Sky Sports News in the staffroom when they could be covering classes? Hope you enjoyed the halcyon days of planning and preparation time.

socrates82: There must be no compromise on planning and preparation time. It's essential to allow teachers to do their job properly. Full days without any NCCT are likely to cause more stress and increase staff absence.

triadplus1: But you are using foresight, and LAs and Cosla are focused on short-term savings, not knock-on effects.

siciliypat: "Teachers in Scotland spend more time at the chalk face than in any other developed country, according to new figures from the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development." Worth reading this article from September 2010 again!

There is no room for negotiation on NCCT.

readyfortheweekend: Negotiated by a "retired teacher behind the scenes?". This is tosh. SNCT negotiators from EIS side are from salaries committee. Can't comment on employment status of members of other unions.

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