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Classroom observations

sicilypat: I was informed last week (by SMT) during my last period of teaching that I should think about what focus I would like for my classroom observation this week. As a part-timer, should I be observed on the same number of occasions as full-time colleagues? Everything else appears to be assessed pro-rata, right down to the number of absences through ill health that I am allowed in a year.

I also wonder what difference knowing the focus of an observation is supposed to make on my teaching. Am I supposed to change my normal lesson to accommodate any indicators being judged? Am I being judged on my ability to match a series of tick boxes or should I just act as if nothing was different with my class and give my "normal" lesson.

airy: All observations should have a focus, and feedback should focus on that aspect of the lesson rather than a general critique. This kind of approach helps to make it a positive experience about improving specific aspects of your practice (or allowing you to share your good practice) rather than about general competency. Your school should have a policy about observation frequency - I think it's only fair that observations should be on a pro-rata basis

Kurtz32: It doesn't sound sinister ... Surely your observer is "giving you a voice" in the process? Heshe is allowing you to direct the "focus" of the observation into an area of your choosing.

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