Chatroom - 0.3 teacher!

Posted by MissWilson

Does the teacher who shares the probationer's classroom stay with you for the first week? Mine, who is not my mentor, wants to. I don't think I want that, as it's in the first week, so I'll probably make most mistakes. I also want the kids to know from the outset that I am their teacher. What should I do?

Posted by Pamela 2223

I don't think there are any rules about it - it might be a school policy. I would talk to your mentor, who is the one who does the monthly observations. You're the teacher now, not the student.

Posted by leesey

Your 0.3 probably thinks she is doing you a favour by staying in, also getting to know how you want the class to run. I would say you're happy for her to observe at arranged times, but perhaps you would be more comfortable getting the class off to a start by yourself. Return the gesture by observing her during her contact time, so you can discuss what you feel you can both offer the class and each other. Be diplomatic.

Posted by gibbous99

It's important for probationers to establish themselves with classes early on.

Posted by Dominie

Express your concerns but also show appreciation of the possible benefits of such an arrangement in the first week. Try to establish a good working relationship based on mutual trust and respect; a situation where the teacher concerned will support you without interfering and gradually withdraw as the week goes on.

Posted by glasgowgirl

I was in the same situation at the start of my probationary year. I let it happen and it was actually quite nice to have the moral support. In the end, your class does have two teachers and it's important for her to be there on day one, meet them and stamp her authority as well. Why not suggest you share the teaching next week, so you benefit from less planning and being able to observe the class.

Posted by nonscone

I was in this situation last year. My 0.3 became very controlling and found it hard to let go. It caused me a lot of upset. After the first couple of weeks, I said I was afraid I would fail if I didn't have enough time with sole responsibility for the class. She cut her time down to the 0.3 she was supposed to do., click on TES Scotland, then Probationers.

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