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Why do so many want to become teachers?

Why do so many want to become teachers?

Posted by bigjimmy

Do you not know that there are no jobs in Scotland? Do you not know that there are unlikely to be any jobs in Scotland for years to come? Do you not know that teacher numbers are being reduced in Scotland? Do you not know that there is a huge surplus of unemployed teachers in Scotland? Do you not know that terms and conditions are being targeted by employers?

Posted by hprimrose

I am so fed up reading about your rants on here bigjimmy. Everyone is aware of the current situation - indeed to have any hope of even getting a place on a course most of us have spent a significant period of time volunteering in schools and speaking to people currently in the profession. At some point you obviously decided teaching was for you. I am passionate about education and would hope to pass on this passion and enthusiasm to my pupils. If I were a parent of one of your pupils I would be worried about the negativity you must portray.

Posted by natstv

I'm sorry but regardless of whether there are jobs or not, I want to be a teacher. Scotland has one of the world's best education systems and renowned for its PGDE training. I'm English but I'd rather go to Scotland to train and, as much as I want a job in Scotland afterwards, I am comforted to know that I am going to get one of the best educations in the world with the best training compared to the English PGCEs. Constructive criticism would be more helpful. I really feel sorry (if you are lucky enough to have a job) for the pupils you are teaching.

Posted by amysdad

Why? Because what I've seen, through my family and my own experiences, is the difference a teacher can make to a child. I'm fed up in a job where there's no obvious benefit - if you can't get some sort of fulfilment from teaching then you probably shouldn't be in the job.

Posted by bigjimmy

Mr Primrose, I am sorry that you are fed up with my comments. I have never ranted in my life. Isn't it ironic that you judge the teaching ability of someone you do not know? Isn't it ironic that my pupils and I get on well and my pupils achieve exam grades comparable to those in private schools?, go to Forums and click on Prospective student teachers.

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