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The latest chat from the TES Scotland forums

The latest chat from the TES Scotland forums

How are you deciding CfE levels?

jenmac: We are about to write our first set of S1 Curriculum for Excellence reports. How is anyone else deciding what is developingconsolidatingsecure? As there are no set guidelines anywhere, it is resulting in a lot of meetings for us to compare pupils' work and decide! How do we know what we are deciding is the same as the school in the next townregion?

TFI The Weekend: Level 3 - Developing D; Consolidating E; Secure F.

readaholic: We had to write our own grade-related criteria (GRC) and cross-mark pieces of work to ensure consistency across the department. A bit time-consuming at first but I can see it becoming embedded the way 5- 14 levels are now.

winaukee: Making it up as we go along! The Seemis template we have is terrible.

jenmac: We are also using Seemis and it's very frustrating having to make your reports fit a system, as opposed to a system fitting around the report you want to write! The sheer idea of "redoing" GRC, when all I am doing is reinventing the wheel with regards to Level D E F, just makes me cringe. That is time I could be using to do something useful and interesting.

airy: Most pupils should achieve Level 2 by the end of primary, which makes 2 Secure equal to D.

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