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Do you bother your arse about CPD?

Posted by haggisman

Well, do you?

Posted by lynsroom

In my school, we have a CPD folder in the staffroom. We call it our crap, pish and dung folder. Does that answer your question?

Posted by louisetherapist

Record loads of it - that is, all departmentstaff meetings (someone will mention something during them that is sharing practice), lots of articles and other items including essential documents forwarded by our HT (he obviously regards them as worthwhile). Then there are lots of things I do outside of school (these are for my development which comes under CPD too - that, incidentally, would include the gym if I was so inclined, hill walking, salsa dancing and so on). CPD is not just what the LA provides.

Posted by Scotia

Lynsroom had me in stitches. However, in answer to OP - yep. I'm naturally curious about learning and teaching. Really enjoy considering things, assimilating good stuff, ignoring other stuff. I do it for me first, for the kids second, not for the LA at all.

Posted by ersatz

I just parted with the best part of pound;500 which I can't afford for a three-day course. Why? I desperately need to regain a competitive edge now that the Scottish Government is forcing too many probationers through the sausage machine. If I am not shortlisted for two posts, for which the aforementioned course is intended, I will be livid. I see no point to CPD unless it has a direct impact on raising levels of achievement for me or for the students with whom I am working.

Posted by Mr_T

Yes, do over 35 hrs to do my job effectively! My LA does not provide any curric CPD, only generic poor-quality courses. No budget either, except for the "chosen few". Watch Teachers TV, especially classroom observation and FinlandHungary teaching; visit colleagues who are above national levels in attainment in your subjects for "best practice"; do not be poisoned by other staff; try two ways of teaching the same or similar classes; do some research; read up on Lev Vygotsky, especially scaffolding, ZPD; start a lunchtime club with gifted or keen kids and do some new course material or topic with them, enter comps etc; start a blog. Enjoy.

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