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Is it acceptable for a teacher to use "crap" in class?

Is it acceptable for a teacher to use "crap" in class?

Is it acceptable for a teacher to use "crap" in class?

Posted by chinchilla

I have a student PE teacher and in a lesson the other day he used the word "crap" several times to the children. I find this unacceptable. Am I being old fashioned?

Posted by tropical

The word nowadays to most young people means rubbish, not shit.

Posted by ScotSEN

It's unacceptable. You should have a word with the student.

Posted by carol75

If we accept it from student teachers, we'd have to accept it from pupils. This would open the floodgates to all sorts of bad language in the classroom.

Posted by Archimedes

It's part of my vocabulary. It never occurred to me it would set some teeth on edge.

Posted by SaintED

It's OK for children to use outside school, but not in class. For teachers, it is unacceptable, we're role models.

Posted by Raymagnol

As an English teacher and a writer, I believe there is no such thing as bad language - only language badly used. If it gets the point across and is used thoughtfully, why not? I had no qualms describing Iago as "a vindictive two-faced bastard" to my Higher classes. Would you sack me for that?

Posted by mybabe

I use the word crap often and consider myself articulate. I use arse as well. Both in context, of course. I've used richer language with higher up classes. Teaching psychology, it is at times appropriate. I've used the Philip Larkin poem about parents fcuking up children.

Posted by starchild85

It's very unprofessional.

Posted by Freddie92

It's one of those borderline words your granny would slap you for using in front of her, like baws, bugger, hell, damn, Jesus. You wouldn't use them in front of a minister.

Posted by monkey7

I find the most uncool descriptive words are the best to get an innocent rise from pupils, to make sure they're listening. For instance, "that car is totally rad". Really good debate. A refreshing change from the usual crap (said in jest).

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