The will it or won't it Glow thread

The will it or won't it Glow thread

Posted by Freddie92

OK, so let's have the debate on Glow here. I can see a lot of merit in it but there are other things out there that can do so much more and not only are free but get updated. Glow will be out of date (obsolete?) when it finally rolls out over the country. And it will only be the instant messaging that gets used a lot. Oh, and another thing ... It logs you out automatically after 15-20 mins if inactive! And if you have an old machine, forget it!

Posted by Durkin

Glow is a tool for learning and teaching and that will never be obsolete. Of all the tools, instant messaging is the one that I see as least value for LT. Until teachers learn to log themselves out after every session, automatic log-out will be necessary. The main problems with Glow are down to firewalls and filters. Before an EA can even start the Glow process, it must carry out and pass a number of technical checks. It must also have a detailed plan of support and roll-out. That some teachers fail to see the potential of Glow for LT is a worry.

Posted by misterroy

That the designers at Glow fail to see that the pages are not well set out is a worry.

Posted by Durkin

I have been using Glow for a few months now and while the interface might not be as slick as other web2 tools, the potential far outweighs any shortcomings in its design. Anyway, when you set up a Glow Group, which is the main tool for LT, you are free to set it out in any way you wish.

Posted by starchild85

I have used Glow and found it much easier to access resources than if I tried to put something together myself at home. The kids also enjoy the new ways of accessing information.

Posted by mybabe

I have been using Glow for over a year now, and with classes for seven months. No, it's not perfect, but it's a great starting point for most of Scotland's teachers. Yes, you have to invest a little time, but it will save this many times over. It has also driven big gains in attainment in my pupils, so it enhances teaching and learning in my classroom. You can stand and carp from the sidelines if you want to, but you will be increasingly left behind because Glow is here to stay.

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