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Really need advice. Posted by tigger_teach

Really need advice. Posted by tigger_teach

Really need advice

Posted by tigger_teach

For my probationary year I have been put in a school where I do not have my own class. I have been told I won't even be teaching a full class, but working with groups of pupils from different classes. Am a bit concerned about how this will affect me come next year when I'm trying to get a job. Worried employers will look at what I've been doing and see I've not been teaching a class and I won't get a job.

Posted by lilolover

Sounds a bit strange to me - are you primary or secondary? Think you should get in touch with your uni, see what they think.

Posted by tigger_teach

I'm primary. I feel like I'm just going to be a glorified classroom assistant. I've spoken to GTCS who have said I should have a class and to get in touch with my council but I'm worried that I'll just be told to "like it or lump it".

Posted by sander12

You need to get onto the council as you are there to train, not help out. How are you meant to acquire teaching and classroom management skills? If the council are snotty, get in touch with your union and ask for their advice.

Posted by mrs_riddler

Get this sorted out ASAP!!! I was placed in nursery at beginning of my probation year and I thought this was strange but was assured by my school it was normal. So I had two different nursery classes. After teaching for around four weeks, I discovered at an LA training day that it was not acceptable to be teaching in nursery as it was two different classes and a minimum amount of your hours MUST be spent with one class. So I had to go through an awful transition to a P5 class and it is not something I would like to go through again.

Posted by dozyweewitch

I get the feeling this might have happened because the school has been given a probationer they weren't expecting. This happened in our school but instead of the probationer doing it, another member of staff stepped out of class to do it, giving the probationer their own class.

Posted by ambrdale

When you phone the council are you asking for the person in charge of the induction scheme? She is responsible for all probationers in the local authority so should be your first port of call. Good luck!

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