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Freddy92 (Alex Salmond) is a great wee laugh. He's the smug pupil in the class, not the brightest but the one who always wants to sook in with you - and you think "go and make pals with someone your own age." Now after years of blowing his own trumpet, he can't do the right thing and let the Lib-Lab coalition run the country. Does the country want independence? Obviously not, considering the SNP are miles short of a majority.


I, for one, am happy that the SNP won the election. Yes, a minority government will have its problems, but we need a new direction in Scottish politics. Let's give them a chance to show us what they can do... We have had eight years of a very "do less, better" executive; we need an executive that will put Scotland first.


We were told that the Scottish Parliament would provide a new type of politics, without the confrontation and bitterness of Westminster. Maybe, just maybe, a minority administration will finally deliver a proper democracy. They will need to seek support on an issue-by-issue basis, rather than a coalition stitching power behind closed doors.The party which finished second (Lab) and the party which finished fourth (Lib Dems), who cannot form a majority, should form the administration? Aye, right!

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