Supply - sooo bored

Posted by jenmac

Am going demented waiting for the phone to ring! It would be OK if I knew it was going to end - ie I'm going back to work next Monday - but this indefinite moping around is draining! If this continues, I will definitely have found an alternative career by October.

Posted by michelle2486

I feel the same. I got up this morning, got ready, showered etc, called the council to be told I'm not needed, so climbed back into bed. Really not what I thought would be happening. I knew it would be hard but how long are we supposed to put up with this?

Posted by Smidsy

Welcome to the wonderful world of supply.

Posted by gillymonkey

I'm finding it a struggle to force myself to get up in the morning. My other half is having to literally kick me out of bed. I end up getting dressed, then spending all morning in front of the TV. I just wish there was an end in sight.

Posted by ryeland

Light at the end of the tunnel - texts finally appeared this morning. Not my subject, but at least I know that the system works and I may be working as well - one day!

Posted by brocher

Woo hoo! 70 primary jobs on TES today - about time. Best of luck.

Hooray - I'm doing my first supply tomorrow

Posted by jhp06220

Well the last few weeks have dragged, but I am happy to say tomorrow I will be earning again! Only booked in for the rest of the week, but know they are looking for long-term supply to start soon, so keeping everything crossed that I do a good job and get a look in when that comes up.

Posted by jenmac

That's fab news! Nothing for me yet, I'm afraid. Trying to hang in there - it's hard. Are you primary or secondary? Good luck with it!

Posted by jhp-6220

Primary - and I got it through a friend of a friend and by contacting the school direct - not via the council. It seems to be the way for anyone I know who has got work so far, and seems unfair. I can't believe how nervous I am. It's like this time last year all over again!

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