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Bullying of student teachers

Posted by SarahJayne66

I have completed my first solo placement, and had a mini-meltdown. Alarm bells rang from day 1! The class teacher didn't speak to me till 11am - I'd been there keen, early and very nervous. The bossy teacher assistant told me where to hang my coat and set me washing paint pots and jobs like that for the morning. This continued throughout my first week, and I never managed to get any of the tasks completed in my large booklet of quality standards.

When I returned to teach solo, I was told I wasn't wanted and didn't get any help from anyone. My first lesson went well, I also had an observation from my mentor! I'm not sure if this upset my class teacher but she increased my workload and took four days off. She would send me my lesson plans back after agreeing they were fine a few hours previously, and tell me to re-write them. If I asked for something in terms of resources etc, I was mostly ignored. I spent last weekend making number cards, number fans etc for a maths lesson, as my class teacher locked her cupboard and I wasn't allowed in it.

I had a meltdown yesterday, the day for signing this placement as completed. My university tutor did at last see what I have been up against and managed to negotiate, so I have achieved my standards. My first placement was fabulous and I left there thinking one day I'd make a good teacher. This placement has made me have doubts and I have considered leaving.

Posted by Raymagnol

I suspect this goes on a fair bit, and everyone from NQT to headteacher can be victims. In Scotland, universities are told which schools are available for placements, so there's no chance to "vet" any. I'd rather build a relationship with a few schools who know what they're doing and have the resources to do it properly.

Posted by jeffrok7

I had this from a head of department. It was terrible, it made my life hell. My university tutor pulled me out. I'm now in a fantastic school.

Posted by flubberyzing

I was bullied during my PGCE year by my mentor, and my university supervisor on my second placement. So much so, I nearly left the course. In my final practice, I was bullied by the head. My new supervisor saw through her and supported me. My mentor was also very supportive. I finished my PGCE depressed and borderline anorexic. Seven months later, I'm in a school I love, and happy. Don't let the bullies win.

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