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On behaviour

Posted by westend_rascal

The amount of time and money spent on ACfE producing nice glossy documents makes me think, wouldn't it be possible to produce a single nationwide document on what is and is not acceptable school behaviour with an official set of consequences? This information would be easily accessible (online, leaflets sent to parents at the start of term) to teachers and in simple English, so it could also be read and understood by everyone. If such a document came out, clearly saying it is acceptable for pupils to have their phones out in class and swear at me, I'd at least know where I stood.

Posted by st joseph

Perhaps more teachers should be considering that misbehaviour lies in poor classroom management and lessons which are not engaging. ACfE will cure the behavioural problems, especially if the rubbish teachers engage wholeheartedly with the new curriculum.

Posted by Pamela2223

I've got 27 pupils engaged and working happily on our environmental studies topic and one child trying to cartwheel across the front of the classroom in spite of warnings, sanctions and final threat of being sent to HT - it's still my fault for planning and delivering a rubbish lesson. Thanks, that makes teaching a lot easier!

Posted by grunwald

You can have as many bits of paper outlining unacceptable behaviour but if nothing happens as a result, it remains just that - a bit of paper.

Posted by st joseph

You should use the cartwheel to start a new lesson on the origins of the wheel, collaborating with your history and techy-minded colleagues. Bring in a PE teacher to demonstrate the proper way to cartwheel. My pupils are always happy and educated because I embrace the principle of ACfE.

Posted by carol75

Did anyone see the article in the TES magazine about the HT who brought in a policy for good manners? Apparently, the ethos has improved and attainment has gone up. The HT is visible in school and shows the same manners and respect expected from the pupils (alas, this is where some schools would undoubtedly fall down).

Posted by Lord J

Alas, Carol, some schools would fall down because the class teachers don't show the pupils those same manners and respect. Not everything is down to the poor HT., click on TES Scotland, then opinion.

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