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What's inside the new ACfE folders?

Posted by pricklyhedgehog

SMT have said they have them and how they require sooooo much reading. Has anyone had a read? Surely they are only the stuff on LT Scotland in glossy folders?

Posted by catmother

We got ours the other day. So heavy! Nearly did my back in. So far, I've taken the pages out of their plastic wrapper and put them in the holes of the folder. Then I put it on the bookcase behind my desk. That's about it . I did question why we had to be given all the subjects and not just our own and my PT said we would need to know about other subjects to do cross-curriculum projects. I smiled and thought, "that's exactly what I'm going to do".

Posted by coffeekid

I saw them. They are MASSIVE. Surely all that stuff can be accessed online?

Posted by catmother

Indeed it can. I dread to think how much money they've spent on that. When I can't make head nor tail of the stuff to do with my own subject, why would I want to look at any other? The CfE lark is getting on my nerves. I feel less and less comfortable in the company of the "converted"; the ones who keep telling me it's great but never explain why.

Posted by going_lala

We are getting it on Tuesday and looking at it as part of an inset day . sounds like it's going to be another fulfilled day for us! Joy.

Posted by st joseph

The 10 posters will help cover the crack in the wall metaphorically and physically ?

Posted by shubunkin

It's impossible to read, due to the small font size. Complete waste of money as far as I can see. I can access everything (apart from useless posters) on LT Scotland (a lot of it I have done already). How much money do you think was spent on those folders and the glossy paper the info is printed on? Sickens me when they have already said there is no extra money to implement CfE and when budget cuts are being made in schools across Scotland (including staff cuts) - one word for the executive - PRIORITIES!

Posted by morrisseyritual

We don't need the technical manual of the Starship Enterprise, we need Scotties to come to our schools and talk us through it, allay our fears and help us work together . This is what DCI Gene Hunt from Life on Mars had instead of a PC!, TES Scotland, opinion.

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