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Failed final placement

Posted by frw8384

I failed my final placement and am looking for some advice as to what will happen when I qualify in October. 1: can I work on supply until the summer and then do the probationary year? 2: how quickly after finishing the placement can I realistically expect to get work? Is it easy enough to get supply work, given the situation I am in? 3: if vacancies are advertised at a starting salary of Pounds 20,001, can I apply for these, rather than do the probationary year and use this towards the alternative route once I finish the course? Any advice would be appreciated.

Posted by ladymaverick

Hi Fiona, sorry to hear about your placement. However, you sound really committed to making your additional placement work, and I wish you all the best. 1: if you're eligible for a place on the probation scheme, then yes, you can work on supply and temporary contracts from the time you qualify until you start your probationary job in August 2010. 2: how long is a piece of string? It really depends on whether you're primary or secondary, what subject you teach, where in the country you are located, how far you're willing to travel for work, the demand for supply in those areas for your sectorspecialism. 3: As a provisionally registered teacher, you can't take a permanent contract in a state school. However, any supply or temporary contracts you work can all be credited towards the alternative routes, so make sure you keep a good record of wherewhen you work and any CPD you undertake during that time. (Although if you don't declare immediately that you want to go down the alternative route, I'm not sure about the process for having previous work accredited towards full registration.) Something else to bear in mind is that you CAN take permanent contracts in independent schools, and go through the alternative route in this setting.

Posted by annmarie988

Hi Fiona, I know how you feel. I was in the same situation in 2007. I completed my final placement and passed in October `07 and managed to get supply work from October-June before commencing my probationer year in August `08, which I have now completed. Supply tends to kick in about October, so I was lucky and it is fantastic experience before commencing your one-year probation if you take this route. In fact, it worked out as a blessing in disguise, but I was totally gutted at the time. Good luck.

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