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Jobs, jobs, jobs .

NO jobs

Posted by Sileas

I have glowing references, loads of extra-curricular stuff under my belt and I am working as an official link between the school and the local community, yet I haven't even had a sniff of a job. This is so grim. I have just received rejection letter after rejection letter. Whenever I phone the schools for feedback, I am told there were in excess of 70, 80, 90 or 100 applicants. What bloody chance do I have?

Posted by going_lala

It doesnt matter how good your application is or how good you are at interview, it matters who you know and where u r at the right time. It doesn't even matter if you are an amazing teacher or a sh*t one.

Posted by bigjimmy

If I were you, I'd make sure I made a bloody nuisance of myself over the summer holidays by contacting councils regularly about possible supply work.

Posted by Freddie92

What is also bad about today is that supply work is drying up too. At least I could pay the mortgage, but now I think the competition even for supply work is frightening.

The answer? Early retirement for teachers in the 55 to 60 age range would be ideal, but is the money there? Obviously not. Reducing student intake to the bare minimum would be sensible, but that would lead to job cuts for lecturers.

If you really want to continue in teaching, I am afraid, look abroad if you can. If not, get yourself a part-time job to pay the bills

Posted by jonowen

It's not just new teachers who can't get jobs - there are no graduate jobs at all it seems.

My son can't even get a job as a kitchen assistant (after) five years at uni. It's all very well advising young folk against teacher training, but what do we say to them? There are no jobs anywhere.

Posted by freshsandwiches

I have been considering a career in teaching for a few years. My employment situation changed in Febuary leaving me unemployed. The job situation is dire in my previous career despite over five years experience in my field. To me, it seems this is an ideal time to get the qualification and see what happens.

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