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I have a nightmare class this year, behaviour a daily struggle dealing with playground battles that the supervising adults don't nip in the bud! Then there is the level of learning difficulties in the class, the lack of support and the silly comments like "can they not count yet?" and that is from management!

Juggling more groups for literacy and numeracy than is physically possible, no money for resources at all, resources taken from my class without permission, no support from anyone, feeling undervalued and totally deflated, would love to throw in the towel. Health is now being affected and, although I love my job, starting to wonder if it is all worthwhile any more.

Am I alone? What can be done to remedy the situation?


Ruby, I too have a class from hell and little support from SMT, not to mention tons of pressure re national testing and "attainment". My groupsresources problem is a nightmare, and my health has been affected.

My coping strategies:

1. Find people to talk to. Have a good support network at home - an understanding partner, roommate, or relative is enough.

2. Have a trusted colleague to go to for advice and encouragement, not just to bitch, but for support.

3. Don't let school come home - tell it to GET LOST at the door. I aim to do this at least once or twice a week. You have to make yourself take a rest from it.

4. Think like Scarlett: "Tomorrow is another day." We're almost half-way through the year. I reckon, I've survived this far, I'll make it to June, and next year I'll have a better class. So will you.

5. Read the TES forums regularly!


Can sympathise entirely - am in a very similar position myself and know exactly how you feel.

My coping strategies are:

l a very understanding partner

l good colleagues who are rallying round and offering good advice or just a shoulder to lean on

l a brisk long walk out in the fresh air at lunchtime to put things back into perspective

l this forum, with very supportive people, makes you realise it's not you, it's the kids and next year they will be someone else's problem

l gin and tonic (although have tried to limit myself to only four nights a week with this one!)

We are almost halfway through the year. Don't knock your pan out trying to raise attainment or do fancy exciting things. Don't let the little b's grind you down!

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