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The decade

The decade

Posted by bigjimmy

What has been the highlight or lowlight of the past 10 years for you?

Posted by st joseph

Highlight: McCrone for what seemed a good increase in wages at first. Lowlight: McCrone for the resultant changes which were "supposedly" based on it. I also wonder if we would have found another way (and a wage increase) if teachers had voted against it. I've yet to meet another teacher who admits voting for it.

Posted by RailroadGin

Highlight: escaping the rat race that is the Australian education system and relocating my family to the comparative sanity of Scotland.

Posted by kibosh

Lowlight: very dim, cave-like, frigidly cold and oppressive probationary year. Highlight: discovering that very few teachers are like those I worked with during the lowlight year!

Posted by going_lala

Highlight: becoming a teacher.

Lowlight: not being able to be a teacher.

Posted by bigjimmy

Lowlight: I was made redundant from a previous job. Highlight: becoming a teacher. Teaching was always a Plan B if things went wrong. There's no realistic job I'd rather be doing and my only real complaint is lack of time.

Posted by Aldo 1983

High point: passing my PGDE(s) course. It was a close-run thing, thanks to a dodgy placement school I found myself in, that was filled with total b******s who just seemed to delight in the suffering of students. Low point: the almighty struggle to find work, which resulted in me having to leave my home town and my family behind.

Posted by davieee

I absolutely LOVE teaching. It is a thoroughly challenging, amazing, inspiring, frustrating at times but rewarding position to be in.

Posted by Aldo 1983

No matter how hard you try, you always feel a bit inadequate, though.

Posted by lelseydramaqueen

Highlight: getting out of the worst school in Scotland (I'm not joking! Check the league tables). Lowlight: really missing that school!, then click on forums and opinion.

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