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Capping classroom sizes at 18

Posted by Julie Whitley

I am interested to hear teachers' views on reducing class sizes to 18. The SNP said it wants to cap class sizes but seems to be going back on what it said. Will reducing class sizes improve teaching?

Posted by vforvendetta

NO. More respect from pupils and good behaviour. More discipline and better sanctions. Pupils who are not idle or who expect to be spoon-fed. Tougher exams than the watered-down duplicates we see every year. Get the nutters out of class and give the decent children a chance.

Posted by Christopher Curtis

There is no doubt that reducing class sizes improves teaching, research evidence has shown for over 30 years. John Hattie, of New Zealand, has done a comprehensive study of all factors that lead to improved student achievement. He concludes that smaller class sizes are not as significant as other factors, but he rates them as giving a nine-month improvement in student achievement. The Tennessee STAR project showed smaller classes result in improved learning.

Posted by mathsguy

Reducing class sizes does not improve teaching. A teacher who teaches the smaller class in the same way as the larger class is not going to notice much difference in learning.

Posted by bigjimmy

Capping smaller class sizes would improve learning, basically because there would be less of an audience for our wee darlings to play up to. With fewer behaviour issues, more effective teaching would be done.

Posted by homegirl

I had 18 P2s last year, and it was great - three small reading groups, all getting the attention they needed, two maths groups, plenty time to support active learning, space to do all kinds of activities without being overcrowded or getting too noisy while being able to support the learning of most of the children on a regular basis. I have 24 this year (P1-2) and it's different. I feel I supported each child's learning more intensely last year.

Posted by CanuckGrrl

In the past three years, I have had 30-33 children in P3 in a cramped classroom, tripping over each other. Active learning? Don't get me going on that. Capping the roll at 18 in P3 would give me what I need most to facilitate and enhance learning in my classroom in the way I dream of doing: time and space. But who's listening? I'm just a primary teacher.

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