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Posted by CTC

I thought Glow was clunky, outdated etc and I was not inclined to use it. However, I have just spent the last couple of weeks seeing if I could make it work. I have to admit, now that Glow Learn is available, I can see many, many applications for it. I have plans to video my lessons and put them on Glow Learn for pupils to see. Any pupil who was absent that day will be able to see the same lesson as the others. Even those who were present can review the lesson. My next step is to try to create "live" lessons for those who are off school, the idea being that they can take part in the lesson remotely. I am hooked.

Posted by Freddie92

CTC, I smell a rat. Do you work for LTS? Glow is inferior to all the free social networking sites out there. It is a dead duck.

Posted by misterroy

CTC, you are talking future tense. I've done what you're talking about, starting seven years ago with CDs, then Google video, teacher tube, and now a blog site. All the methods I have used have no limit to the capacity. I have also nearly crashed the school network by the sheer size of space the videos take up on the servers. The blog site is the easiest method - no password to see my vids, my vids are shared with other tech teachers and pupils, instantly.

Posted by CanuckGrrl

CTC, next year the same videos can be shown, and soon, there'll be no need to hire teachers because all the lessons will be on video! Ooooh, the bean-counters looking for ways to economise will love you for this.

Posted by CTC

I don't work for Glow or LTS. I am a PT computing. Now that I have found out how it works and how I can change it to suit my needs, I find it more than adequate. You need to take a lot of time to investigate it or get someone to show you how to adapt it to what you want. As for storage, if you use Glow Learn, space is unlimited. Videos, presentations, documents and so on, you can upload as much as you want. I am restricting my courses and resources to my own Glow Learn space and only making them available to my own pupils. I am also copyrighting them.

Posted by mathsguy

You can copyright them all you want, but anything you produce as part of your daily work belongs to your authority. In fact, if you change jobs and move to a different authority, you may have to ask permission to use your own materials.

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