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MOTs for teachers

MOTs for teachers

Posted by Dominie

The Scottish Government considers it appropriate to invite the GTCS to develop and consult on proposals for a system of re-accreditation for registered teachers .

Posted by isil

Is this not already in place? Observations from SMT, with constructive feedback and the chance to use your CPD to improve your practiceshare with other members of staff?

Posted by Dominie

You car fails its MOT, you fix it and take it for a re-test. Teachers fail this "MOT" run by the GTCS and they lose their registration and their job. Otherwise why involve the GTCS?

Posted by st_joseph

I was surprised this came out at the same time as news of a teacher being struck off was released. It never ceases to amaze me how often these coincidences occur . Why not have an MOT for bankers? I look forward to a large number of "striking-offs" among the failing custodians of the nation's money. I won't hold my breath.

Posted by canofcarrots

This is a cynical diversion from obvious truths, that the Government screwed up. Hundreds sitting about on the buroo. CfE is looking like a lemon. EIS is organising a demo against cuts. Russell kowtowing to Glasgow City Council over class sizes .

Posted by kibosh

Re-accreditation? Car fails MOT and has to have some work done, but all garages are closed and there's no spare parts anywhere. CPD has been cut back so much, what's the point in failing a car when there's no money, garages or parts to fix it?

Posted by CanuckGrrl

There was a story yesterday about a teacher in Aberdeen who has been struck off the register for incompetence, which included giving some children the wrong reading book. Some parents must be sharpening their knives already.

Posted by kibosh

When the first incompetence story hit the news, they filmed the woman leaving some disciplinary meeting through a cramped car park. The spaces were tiny and she had trouble opening her car door and sliding into the driver's seat. The film added insult to injury. People get fired from their jobs every day. Do we see them humiliated on the news? She was only guilty of not being particularly good at her job (apparently). The media has contributed to a ritual of naming and shaming teachers. Put the woman in the stocks and let the crowds gather., click on forums then opinion.

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