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Thinking of leaving - advice wanted

Thinking of leaving - advice wanted

Posted by teemc

I am studying for my PGDE and am just about to finish my third placement. I really enjoyed my first placement and did not feel stressed out. However, in this placement I have felt the amount of preparation I have to do is taking over my life. I have not got on well with my class teacher either, as she doesn't really talk to me about what is going on or if I'm doing well or what I should be planning.

I feel like the amount of school preparation on top of the amount of paperwork I have to do for university is too much and I'm making myself ill over it. I don't go to bed until 1 o'clock in the morning some nights, doing work, and my whole weekend is spent trying to catch up. I have spoken to two probationer teachers in the school I am in, and they both said the probation year is so much harder.

Posted by weenell

I remember it well. Didn't get to bed before 2 in the morning and weekends totally taken up with it all. The probation year is very stressful too, but I really enjoyed it.

It is long hours and lots of preparing lessons. Once you get into the swing of things on probation, it does get slightly easier (especially now with the amount of time you have to plan). Hang on in there. Once you learn to manage your time and prioritise your workload, it does get a bit easier. Wait until you get back into uni and see how your next placement goes before making any rash decisions.

Posted by isil

Most students will have a bad placement, but you know it's not always like this. Probation year is harder and easier. You suddenly have your own class, you are responsible and there is no CT waiting to take over if you get stuck. Everything is down to you.

Knowing you are carrying the can is hard, but you won't have to plan in as much detail, and you can rearrange the day and timetable in your class to suit you and them. You will get to know your class better, and you have more time out to plan exciting lessons. You will have a mentor who should spend a half-day a week with you, supporting your development, advising you and guiding you into full registration.

I don't think I cried as much at any time in my life, but two years later, I still feel it was a wonderful experience.

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