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Posted by shannon11

I have been told I am sharing a P2 class for probation year with another probationer. I know this is done, as I have heard of teachers sharing the induction year. The other student teacher and I are not happy about the situation and wondered what our options are. The school has four probationers and we have all been paired up.

Posted by Sally_Saucepan

It's probably best you accept that you will be sharing the class and start getting to know the other teacher. You don't want to get a reputation for being difficult and you want the best chance of getting a position at the end of the year. If you start off on the wrong foot, it might be very difficult to recover.

Speak to your probation person at the council if you are worried about not meeting the minimum teaching time in your class. The head will have organised the classes this way for a reason - there are many factors to be considered when structuring staff. A likely one is that they assumed (or were told) they were getting two probationers, then were given four.

If they gave you all a class, they would lose at least one of their known and proven members of staff. Losing a permanent staff member is not a favoured option, as there would be a vacancy at the end of the year that would be filled by a temp contract (most authorities have a recruitment freeze for permanent posts).

Posted by shannon11

Do you think it will affect me being able to gain employment next year, having shared a class?

Posted by Sally_Saucepan

If you have a good year, then it could work in your favour. Working so closely with another new teacher could be seen as a bonus, as you are supporting each other and sharing ideas. It also means that planning and assessment will be shared equally, giving you more CPD time out of class. If you are doing McCrone cover a day a week, as some schools do, then you will have experience of other stages and in a particular subject. These would all be seen as strengths in interview.

Try and be as positive as you can. I know it doesn't seem the best situation, but it really could all work out for the best. If you are worried, speak to the person at the council and I'm sure they will reassure you., then go to Forums and Probationers.

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