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Spurious reasons for not getting a job

Spurious reasons for not getting a job

Posted by coffeekid

I've had three interviews in a row and didn't get any job. I was told my interviews were excellent and then given spurious reasons for not getting the gig. Which brings me to the conclusion that it's my personality or the way I look or the way I talk. I'm getting paranoid.

Posted by Flyonthewall75

Common reasons given are: you had an excellent interview but the successful candidate had a bit more experience; you were a very close second (told to more than one candidate); you answered question three in this way but we are looking for knowledge of x, y or z. The real reasons may be: they were lined up for it; they have worked in the school before and better the devil you know; they sounded like a "team player" and the panel was confident they wouldn't cause too much trouble.

Posted by going_lala

The real reason is . a) someone has been doing the job on supply for a few months. b) The HT decided to "fit" the questions to her bud who . did probation at her schoolknows her best pal (HT down the road)has been working in the school on a temp contract. c) Assuming the HT didn't have anyone lined up, chances are you maybe didn't include one minuscule piece of information or you didn't have a year's experience in the stage they are looking for and someone else did. Three interviews is nothing. Try 53.

Posted by grumpydogwoman

Supply is the best way of getting a job - fairly foolproof if you're any good.

Posted by didactophobe

I was on an interview panel recently and was blown away by the quality of applicants. There were several who were told that they had done extremely well and could have easily been given the job. It is a sign of the grim employment situation that some excellent teachers are not getting jobs, simply because there are not enough to go round.

Posted by smcgra11

In my last interview for a full-time position, in a school I had previously worked in, I was told "your voice is a little dull at times, and quite frankly the children would tire of listening to you". I've heard the real reason was apparently due to my sexuality. The HT thinks "there is no place for people like that in our schools"., then go to Forums and Opinion.

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