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Teacher redundancies

Posted by GuessWho

I checked my contract and I am employed by the local authority which has allocated me to a particular school, but it has the power to move me to another school. Should redundancies be mooted, could it be that the "last in" process will affect not just the school with surplus, but the last person employed in a particular subject across an authority?

Posted by catmother

Yes, of course. However, I still think it's the fairestmost tranparent way to do it.

Posted by bigjimmy

The important question is what criteria will our employers use, if it comes to that? Let's hope those who do get made redundant (god forbid) are those who want to go.

Posted by airy

Last in, first out is the recognised procedure for compulsory transfer, but apparently it's not used for redundancy. I'm not sure it will come to redundancies, as few LAs have been advertising permanent contracts and there is a whole raft of temporary posts which can simply be terminated.

Posted by bigjimmy

I don't think permanent staff will be made redundant. What is certain, however, is that making teachers redundant is now on the political and educational agenda. Councils have never made permanent teachers redundant but there is a real possibility it could happen in the next year or two. Once that line has been crossed, it will be much easier in future.

Posted by ScotSEN

I have just returned from an EIS meeting. Last in, first out is most definitely not used in a compulsory redundancy situation. Should the need arise, nationally agreed criteria have to be put in place. One way of avoiding compulsory redundancies is to not give permanent contracts. Another is to offer early retirement and voluntary severance packages.

Posted by bigjimmy

It would be very interesting to see what any nationally agreed criteria would be. We will probably see more of exiting teachers not being replaced - this is already happening, I think, with about 1,500 job losses over the past year or so. That may accelerate. I am sure there are plenty of us who would be more than willing to go, given the right severance package.

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