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Pay freeze issues

Posted by knz8484

The SNP pay freeze announced in papers - does that only affect top-of-the- scale teachers or all teachers, regardless of what position they are on the salary scale? I have heard mixed reports about this!

Posted by ScotSEN

Don't know. Seems very unfair, though, that teachers who have not reached the top of the scale don't get their increment. After all, the increment will still be at the frozen rate. I'm wondering what will happen to teachers who achieve chartered status after the pay freeze kicks in.

Posted by maharani

I'm sure we will still move up the scale, but the amounts on the scale will be frozen. Teachers are paid on a scale according to experience, so it's not just an annual "rise". Is the McCrone agreement not up in April? Surely the negotiations to replace that should have started by now?

Posted by Dominie

The only thing guaranteed is that the SNP Government will do anything to get re-elected next May. Ergo, council tax freeze - yes. Public sector pay freeze (if they can get way with it) - yes. Transfer from revenue budget to capital budget - yes. They will also turn a blind eye and shed crocodile tears when the councils try to squeeze us in a McCrone re- negotiation. Fasten your seat-belts - it's going to be a bumpy ride!

Posted by bigjimmy

Inevitable. It was always going to happen.

Posted by halfajack

Sounds bad, but it's only a one- year pay freeze being reported so far.

Posted by holdingon

Two years in England, so watch this space.

Posted by CanuckGrrl

Don't forget to figure in the 2.5 per cent increase in VAT on pretty much everything you buy, except food. That's going to eat into a smaller pay packet. As for how long this will last, when this same sort of deficit- cutting mania happened in Canada in the 1990s, the pay freeze in the public sector only lasted a couple of years, but the subsequent increases were paltry and not nearly enough to catch up with the savage increase in the cost of living. In the end, it wasn't a year, or two, or three, of belt-tightening. It was a decade., then go to Forums and click on Opinion.

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