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Chatroom - Advice for the new Education Secretary

Posted by dominie

What should he do in the New Year to sort out Scottish education?

Posted by st_joseph

Start listening to teachers? Take measures that help improve discipline, including increasing the places at specialist schools. Lower the school- leaving age and offer a vocational destination for the disaffected.

Posted by flyonthewall75

Take education out of the party political arena and allow teachers to engage in constructive, and professional, educational discussion. The current "state theory of education", and the expectation teachers will suspend their critical thinking skills to implement whatever is passed down from above, makes a mockery of education. There was a time when an HM inspector would have been happy to discuss the relative merits of different approaches to learning and teaching. Today, the advice from LAs is don't attempt to "argue" . because, if you do, "they'll get you". The experience and professional views of teachers are just not valued.

Posted by kibosh

My suggestion, politely, is that he: applies to four LAs to be put on the supply register; waits for six months for that to happen with no income; then gets a trickle of supply work, not enough to live on; sells his house and moves back homein with pals; applies for a job but canny fill out part of the form correctly, never having had access to local authority CPD; gets invited to interview; gets asked a question on CfE; can't answer with confidence, due to being temp supply; doesn't get the job as it goes to the probationer; feels like a failure, starts to blame the system that he inherited. He needs to experience some of the pressures of teaching to understand how to fix the problems. I've chosen an analogy here close to the heart of supply teachers perhaps, more than contracted, but if the guy canny get his hands in aboot teaching he will do no better than the Wicked Witch.

Posted by bozooo

Any chance of getting back to what our job is actually about, ie. teaching kids and trying to help with their futures? Dump CfE. LAs lose control of education. One disclosure for the whole of Scotland.

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