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Chatroom - That anywhere box ..

Posted by 1add1equals2

I'm doing my PGDE year and am in the process of registering for induction year. I'm deliberating on whether to tick the "anywhere" box - people who did, which council were you and which council did you get placed in?

Posted by james hetfield

I ticked the box and ended up in Dunoon, about two hours from where I lived at the time. I loved it and the extra Pounds 6,000 helped towards my rent. If you've got nothing keeping you where you are, I recommend u do it.

Posted by s0791544

I ticked the box and I'm glad I did. I am from East Lothian and got Fife. I had to move but the Pounds 6,000 pays for the rent and more. Go for it if you have no ties. It's the easiest Pounds 6,000 I have ever got!

Posted by jhp06220

Everyone I was at uni with who ticked the box ended up in Inverclyde - hardly far from Glasgow. Some commuted, some moved - they were glad they ticked the box.

Posted by toastie1998

I know several people who ticked. Some got Glasgow, a few got Renfrewshire, no one had to move - it could be different this year. I would only do it if you have no ties!

Posted by allybally

It's going up to Pounds 8,000. If you're swithering, that may help make your mind up!

Posted by ainslie83

I'm thinking about ticking the box. What worries me is being sent to the islands. At least the mainland is reasonable for going home every now and again, but the islands scream isolation!!! I'm ticking for denominational schools - does anyone know if they still aim to place you in an RC school, even if you tick "anywhere"?

Posted by lizardbhoy

Couple of years ago, I ticked "that box" and ended up in Inverness, which was OK. Ended up in a great school with a great staff.

Posted by fancy

I ticked the box and ended up on an island but it's the best decision I've ever made! I'm lucky to be close enough to go home at weekends if I want to (weather permitting!)... I've experienced working somewhere I would never have considered before and I'm less apprehensive about applying for jobs all over the place for next year.

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