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Chatroom - Block of in-service days in the hols?

Posted by categed

Caught the end of a news piece where a man was saying that education is sorted to favour teachers not pupils. What have I missed?

Posted by Pete Sake

The Centre for Scottish Public Policy is suggesting that teachers should give up one of their 13 weeks' holiday and that all five in-service days are held during that week. It will, according to them, save parents from making childcare arrangements at five different points in the year. Why they can't suggest having the five in-service days during the first week of term makes me wonder if this is the smoke and mirrors trick that gets everyone heated up so as to push through other reforms relatively unchallenged.

Posted by abmiss

Having the in-service days in a one week block would perhaps suit the parents better, but I thought the in-service days were supposed to allow us to develop our practice. Having input, then a chance to try out techniques and then further training or evaluation to help hone those skills should result in an improvement in learning and teaching and so benefit pupils. Once again the childcare aspect of schools is more important to some than what happens when the children are there.

Posted by Freddie92

As a colleague of mine put it bluntly today: WE ARE NOT BABYSITTERS!

Posted by tulip1

If I could have reached through the telly and landed a punch on Ross Martin's (representing the "think tank") smug nose I would have! According to some info I read online he is a teacher as well as political adviser and other things - BUT A TEACHER??????

Posted by Dominie

No. Not a teacher. Just another politician with an axe to grind and a sinecure to keep him busy. None of this is on the table for negotiation. Just kite flying.

Posted by potatoes5

The school holidays have been the same since my father went to school in the 1920s so I doubt they'll change. I'm off on all days with a "y" in them next week right enough.

Posted by kibosh

I'm off on all days with a "why" in them. then go to Forums and click Opinion.

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