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Chatroom - Can I wear shorts to school?

Chat from our forums on the subject of can I wear shorts to school

Chat from our forums on the subject of can I wear shorts to school

Posted by misterroyI can't believe it's an issue. Imagine, an average teacher being told off for wearing shorts to school. Should I shave the legs or wear tights?

Posted by DominieWear a kilt next time!

Posted by mossopYou're fine as long as they're showing your bum and you're wearing thick tights underneath . that seems to be the case for kids at my school.

Posted by bothersomeIn short, the answer to your question is NO and you should be intelligent enough to work out the reasons if you are a professional . and a reflective professional at that.

Posted by RailroadGinHave to admit I fail to see why not. I wore shorts to work every day for 25 years, but I did live in Queensland . Does school policy stipulate in its dress code for males "trousers"? If so, who is saying that trousers are not shorts? I'm assuming from your handle that you are a male?

Posted by misterroyI thought my post illustrated the pettiness teachers have to deal. My room gets over 20 degrees in the afternoon and finishes me off. Perhaps I should get a doctor's line?

Posted by grunwaldShorts are for the beach or the hills. Would you want a QC representing you in court dressed in shorts?

Posted by st josephOur poor PE staff who wear shorts in school outside the confines of the games hall are not proper teachers to you then? Tut, tut. J

Posted by tundedogBuy some 34 length cotton shortstrousers and be done with it. I've seen loads of teachers wearing them without an eyebrow raised. Hang on - just noticed you're "misterroy", which would definitely imply you are male. Not sure about 34 length - they may be fashionable for men, but check the fashion mags.

Posted by sel_chickI don't understand what would be wrong with a pair of dress shorts for a man. Men can look smart and professional in these and I think a school is an acceptable place for them. I can see the point if it was a pair of lycra cycling shorts. It's very unfair that men are dictated to; yet women can get away with just about anything. I could wear shorts, a sleeveless top and six-inch stilettos and no one would bat an eyelid. (For the record, I don't.)

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