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Chatroom - CfE outcomes

Posted by bungle74

If experienced teachers are struggling to understand what we are supposed to teach using the new outcomes, what should I do in my department where we have two (good) probationers, a part-time teacher who is wonderful but new to Scottish education, and a long-term supply teacher who is not so good? When we start discussing how we will plan a course next year, we feel unable to interpret the outcomes. I'm thinking about panicking.

Posted by shubunkin1

Don't panic! Take solace in the fact that so do other teachers. What subject do you teach? What is it about the outcomes and experiences you don't understand? I'm sure you are already doing many of the things required by CfE but don't realise it.

Posted by bungle74

I'm PT maths. My problem is how does a teacher in their first year teaching take something like "I can continue to recall number facts quickly and use them accurately when making calculations" and understand which facts which pupils should know and which type of calculations they should be able to do? Am I as PT expected to clarify every outcome at every stage for all classes? I have no problem using the outcomes, because my experience helps me understand what a pupil should be able to do at a certain stage if, for example, they want to go on to uni to study maths or if they want to leave school and do an apprenticeship. I only know this because I've been teaching for 10+ years. I'm worried new teachers will find it difficult to interpret the outcomes.

Posted by mzgobi

The key message from last week's Tapestry conference was: pedagogy. That CfE will stand or fall if teachers are not given support and meaningful CPD. Another message was that changing habits is hard, so change two to three at a time. Small steps. Assessment is for Learning is vital to make pupil-focused learning possible, so, if you haven't already, start there. CfE does not mean forgetting about content. It is how you teach it that is important, and whether the pupils are learning skills through it, and are they being made aware of it? You are still teaching the same formulae but approached differently? The outcomes are wishy-washy. But isn't the whole point, that your teaching is not prescribed by them?

Posted by Frecklefeatures

If CfE and how to do it is imposed on high by SMT who don't trust respect their staff, there is no freedom in planning. Our difficulty is jumping through the hoops to satisfy SMT., Curriculum for Excellence forum, CfE outcomes.

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