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Chatroom - Curriculum for Excellence

Posted by bigjimmy

What did you do differently with your new S1 CfE classes? 1) Completely altered your teaching to fit in with CfE (or perhaps you were doing this already anyway)? 2) Tweaked things? 3) Nothing different?

Posted by mybabe

Same old same old, BJ. Reminds me of the lyric from the Who song: "Meet the new boss - same as the old boss."

Posted by Freddie92

A mixture of last year and winging it! Not exactly "excellent", eh? CfE is a white elephant - I do not expect any significant change in courses, teaching, pupil motivation or, in the final analysis, results. Our problems, in my view, are social ones.

Posted by Dominie

The hype over CfE has been wonderful to see. I wish Mike Russell would make his mind up: one moment he says CfE is no big deal, just a matter of good practice; next mo he's talking about revolutions in teaching. But watch this space for the next three months. They're going to be critical:

1. The NAR (national assessment resource) goes live in September and people will see the literacy and numeracy assessments for levels 34.

2. LAs will start to think about moderation procedures. Teachers will have to engage with the Osamp;Es (outcomes and experiences) and try to agree on standards within departments, LAs and nationally. Given the vagueness of the Os amp; Es, that will be interesting, to say the least.

3. The unions (SSTA anyway) may ballot members on a work-to-contract so that members can stick to the 35 hours which they should be working anyway.

4. The SQA deadline (end of the year) for switching off the "life support" for the old exams is rapidly approaching - well before we know the detail of the new exams.

Happy days!

Posted by jenmac

We have essentially re-jigged the old course and are teaching the same stuff in a different order, with new "cross-curricular" style assessment. It breaks my heart to be binning perfectly good assessments that have been done in the last few years to make up "new" ones! I wasn't particularly impressed with the NAR materials I saw at the in-service.

Posted by bigjimmy

Same old same old for me too. Our first unit of work lends itself easily to group work and active learning, but essentially my classes did nothing different from last year., then go to Forums and Opinion.

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