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Chatroom - Discipline in Scottish schools 'improving'

Posted by studentteacher09

What is everyone else's experience?

Posted by Frecklefeatures

When I heard this on the news, I couldn't believe it, having had to cope with umpteen assaults this year. Whoever they asked, they don't work here. I am sceptical about this survey. I've seen a huge behaviour decline, it's the topic of conversation in the staffroom and the biggest worry for teachers. We have no exclusions in our school, so we must have well- behaved pupils. I've seen an increase in not just low-level disruption, but serious offences. I'd like to know where these teachers work, if particular schools were chosen.

Posted by catmother

Me too. What is called low-level disruption can amount to a big problem when multiplied by half the pupils in a set of 30, especially when they are fearless of sanctions.

Posted by RailroadGin

As a primary teacher, I'm sheltered from the excesses of disruptive pupils, but I'm sceptical too. The incidence of low-level disruption appears to be on a sharp upward curve from what I have experienced. None of us was surveyed. Given that poor behaviour goes hand-in-hand with poor attainment, I can't see how, on the one hand, we can be told that pupil behaviour is improving, while, on the other, attainment levels are ever- decreasing. Another ploy to lay the blame entirely at our door?

Posted by bigjimmy

In the name of God, who the f*** did they interview?! We had a pupil stabbed this year, and others coming into school to look for knives!

Posted by kibosh

The vast majority of Scottish school teachers believe their pupils are well behaved while asleep, a study has suggested. About 90 per cent of teachers surveyed said all or most of their pupils were generally well behaved at night, while sleeping. And most said they were confident bed indiscipline did not have a major impact on schooling. Researchers said there had been "positive" changes since the last survey three years ago. The Behaviour in Scottish Schools Research said the most common issue was "low-level" indiscipline, such as pupils thrashing about or talking out loud while dreaming. During sleep, physical violence on teachers was rare, due to them living miles apart, the report said, but was more common between pupils who shared bedrooms. The Scottish Government said the "beyond the grave" survey of more than 3,500 dead teachers was the most accurate and comprehensive picture of pupil behaviour ever produced., click on forums then opinion.

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