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Posted by katiem22

This is my second year teaching and I'm finding things really hard. I started a new school in August and I am so unhappy. I was grateful to get a full-time job but I now hate my job and LIFE.

The school is small and I'm finding it hard to settle in with the staff. I am quite a sociable person but my face just doesn't seem to fit.

I can't sleep as I'm constantly thinking about all the stuff I have to do. I was really upset last week because of the effect this is having on my life. I work 8-6 and take stuff home. I'm not a nice person to live with and I feel I'm starting to take it out on the kids in my class.

My HT is very demanding and unapproachable. I can't seem to do things the way she wants.

I have a difficult class and the support I'm supposed to get I don't get or it gets swapped about and I don't really know when the classroom assistants are coming in.

Posted by Archimedes

Poor you! It sounds as if you are working very hard and in very difficult circumstances. Feeling that things are under control is important and it sounds as if you are frequently having to cope with the unexpected. We all need to be reassured and your HT isn't providing that. These things take a toll on your reserves. This is the time of year when people are likely to feel low and if things are difficult at work as well, it won't help your mood. Does your HT know how you feel? She might respond differently if you let her know. Perhaps it looks to her as if you are coping ...

Posted by sarah79

I really feel for you, it sounds like you're in a very difficult position. If you cannot face working there long-term, your council will give you a transfer rather than pay you to be off with stress. Maybe a fresh start in a fresh school would make the world of difference to you.

Posted by CanuckGrrl

I've been teaching 30 years. Dreaming about school or waking in the middle of the night only to discover you're thinking about lesson plans or the little nuisance at table three goes with the job, but if it's happening too much, it's a sign that it's taking over and you have to take action to get your life back. When they start to invade my sleep, I form a picture of the nuisance in question in my mind, and then I shout inwardly, "Right you - F*** OFF out of my house and leave me alone!!!" It usually works.

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