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Chatroom - How do we end the faculty system?

Posted by Freddie92

Our school moved to a faculty system where our FH is in charge of computing, business studies and technology subjects. It's causing chaos and I feel my subject is being marginalised. We feel like second-class citizens. As long as her subject is OK she doesn't care what happens. As our PT is not my subject, I am getting hit with PT jobs but not the pay! I am thinking of applying for jobs in schools not in the faculty system. I feel it is a lot of old cobblers, and I'm not the only one.

Posted by gnulinux

Nobody seems to be monitoring it, so the negative effects are not being heard officially. SMTs, HTs and above should be watching it, but all seem to have washed their hands of it. There are many stories going round of how faculty heads have just about wiped out subjects, favouring their own. Faculty heads were supposed to have been put in place to aid the implementation of ACfE - cross-curricular initiatives etc. What a farce. This system has to be stopped before it does more damage to the profession and children's education.

Posted by jonowen

Totally agree. I was like you - PT duties, sorting out mistakes made by feckless fachead and no extra money. I moved to a new school. My subject at the old school is going down the pan. It was a lively department with a good reputation. This stupid system has blocked the promotion paths of so many dedicated and experienced teachers.

Posted by Oscars

Highland has just begun a review of the faculty system. We completed questionnaires a few weeks ago.

Posted by Freddie92

Good for them. Do they already have faculties in Highland? If they did decide to "de-facultise", then how would they go about it? Can they just remove them? Perhaps they would have to re-advertise the jobs and be conserved for three years.

Posted by st joseph

I am not in favour of the system in the form it has taken, but neither am I in favour of the old system where all subjects had PTs and APTs. It was an example of inequality and led to a fast track for people who were inappropriately experienced.

Posted by gnulinux

PTs were appointed on merit in my experience and only some of the larger subject departments had APTs, eg English and maths.

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