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Chatroom - Pressure to pass failing student teachers

Posted by cullodensoldier

Is Hyslop right? Do we need to improve teacher training? We are still getting student teachers at my school who shouldn't be passing but tutors put pressure on the school to let them through. WHY?

Posted by HeadTeachersPube

Every "education" branch is under pressure to ensure students pass.

Posted by cullodensoldier

Accepted there's this pressure on schools, is it also on teacher trainers to pass people who can't do the job? If true, thank God for the review.

Posted by boozoo

Different folk take longer. The real training takes place in probation year. At my college, there was a substantial failure rate at interview, on the course and on placement.

Posted by Raymagnol

The proposed review is a look at teacher training throughout the entirety of the career. It is NOT another analysis of what initial teacher education establishments are doing. Given that ITE universities have had their CfE, literacy and numeracy provision inspected this year, you will find this concentrates on CPD to deliver CfE.

Posted by JPM1967

On our PGDE course there were students who were unsuitable, but passed. A good acid test is: "Would I be happy with that person teaching my children?" I know of a case where the uni appeared scared of legal action (under Disability Discrimination), so "passed the problem along", with the attitude that the person would fail probation or not secure a permanent contract.

Posted by sock2

The forums regularly contain threads from whingers - I was one. But this was only in one school - my health suffered and I "failed to complete" that placement. I repeated it elsewhere, learned a lot and have enjoyed teaching since.

Posted by woo77

A teacher friend failed a student on placement. She said it would have been easier to pass them as there was more paperwork. She felt pressure from uni to pass them.

Posted by Raymagnol

What extra paperwork? Schools submit an end-of-placement report - satisfactory or unsatisfactory. The only additional documentation might be a cause for concern, which is optional. And "feeling pressure" to pass a student is not the same as "being pressured"., click on forums then Opinion.

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