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Chatroom - PT behaving badly

Posted by Wideawake

I'm turning to TES as I can't sleep. I've been a teacher for 20-plus years and enjoy my job. I've passed over several chances to apply for PT posts and opted to do chartered teacher instead. I am unhappy because of the way my PT is behaving. Am I right to be annoyed?

She walks into my classroom at any given moment and reprimands my pupils as if I wasn't there. She'll yell at them to take off their jackets, move away from the door, not to lean on the table. She seems to get a kick out of this and it makes me feel worthless and undermined.

She also talks a great deal about her department. Is this really what PTs are for? It's starting to get to me. I have more experience than she has and a lot of hard-earned CT modules. Why should I be treated like a minion, just because I chose to stay in the classroom?

Posted by RailroadGin

You are right to be annoyed - she is indulging in unprofessional behaviour! Find a copy of the job description for a PT, then politely ask her where it says she can act like that. Tell her how her actions are affecting you, the performance of your duties, and the children in your class. Then ask her to stop. If she doesn't, take it a step higher, more senior management or union.

Posted by bigjimmy

This is the classic "one day you're a teacher and the next day you're a PT on the basis of a 20-minute interview". First, ignore her and don't let her get to you. If you are peed off about it, don't let it show. Second, record evidence on paper, then tackle her about it. Keep it impersonal and factual, that is key.

Posted by Dominie

At best, this kind of behaviour is thoughtless and unprofessional. At worst, it may be interpreted as bullying. Tackle her professionally and assertively. Undue politeness might be interpreted as weakness. Tell her you wish to speak to her and say what you have said here, but focus on how you have been made to feel - your behaviour causes me concern and distress; I feel undermined; I have studied the council's policy on this and your behaviour is unacceptable; I want to establish a mutually respectful professional relationship; if you persist with this kind of behaviour, I will consult my trade union with a view to using the council's procedures.

If you are not happy to do this, ask another member of staff to intervene on your behalf. Bottom line has to be the behaviour changes.

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