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Chatroom - Super primary teachers - break-up of EIS and secondary system?

Posted by Freddie92

I don't know if you are aware of the plannings and machinations rumbling behind closed doors in Holyrood. Rumours are, that with the S1-3 course and ACfE, there will be an influx of "super primary teachers" to teach generalist courses. If true, what is the effect on staffing and employment of secondary teachers? What is the effect on pupils? On the curriculum? Is it the end of specialism? It should be super secondary teachers going into primaries rather than them bringing their Blue Peter skills into the world of Waterloo Road! If this does come, the EIS will fragment, as no second-ary teacher worth hisher salt would stand for it and would join the SSTA or another union.

Posted by going_lala

You make some good points and are bringing an important issue to attention. But there is no need to slag off other teachers. Primary and secondary teaching require different skills and bring different challenges.

Posted by Freddie92

Many primary teachers are graduates, but many do the BEd course too. That was their choice. In no other walk of life does a generalist get paid the same as a specialist. It was the graduate's choice to go down the primary route and many do because the pay was the same but less challenging than secondary. Can you imagine fluffy bunny primary teachers having to deal with disengaged 6ft-plus S4s?

Posted by Dominie

"This Association rejects any concept of the teacher of 'general subjects' in S1-3. The Association remains committed to a secondary education system delivered by subject-specific specialists trained in subjects in which they hold appropriate university or equivalent qualifications." Passed at SSTA Congress a couple of weeks ago.

Posted by leesey

Pot, kettle, which one Freddie? "Fluffy bunny"? If that's not slagging off ... There are already transition teachers in many secondaries. Oh, the world is not coming to an end ...

Posted by Lord J

You may be a specialist of a subject but, as a primary teacher, I am a specialist in teaching.I was seconded by my previous LA to develop a writing programme for senior primary and S1-2 pupils. As a primary practitioner leading secondary English teachers' inset, I didn't come across such views. Quite the opposite., go to forums and click on opinion.

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