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Chatroom - Supply work - and how to get it

Posted by leesey

What is the general opinion on writing to every school in an authority to let them know you are available for supply? I am registered centrally with the council, and will state this in the letter, but I see on here that some people are quite against this practice. I don't see the harm in letting schools know that you are available, especially if you have particular skills or specialisms.

Posted by freddie92

I think it depends on the authority. In East Dunbartonshire, for example, I'd certainly let them know about you. If you are on the Glasgow list, you are not supposed to contact schools on your own but, if you wait for staffing to get back to you, it could be a long wait. Target a few schools in your local area and start from there. Also do you know teachers in other schools? They can mention your name to the DHT in charge of staffing (the people you really, REALLY want to get to know).

Posted by persiankat

If it was me, I would just write that you are available for supply, and list any particular skills you have, or things you have done that others might not have. On supply I was prepared to do just about anything, and I ended up gaining a second qualification through my willingness to take on a different subject.

Posted by pixie8

I recently emailed my former headteacher and deputy (who is now a headteacher). I told them I was back from teaching in the United States, and asked them to keep me in mind. I am now employed three days a week covering probationer time, hoping to get up to full-time hours soon. If you don't ask, you don't get!

Posted by CKtigger

I didn't bother with the letters personally. I was never short of work (Ayrshire), but I was willing to take phonecalls from schools at crazy hours and say yes. I think everyone should do supply at some stage in their career - I found that it made me a better teacher. I also did an open uni course during that time to allow me to teach a second subject. I secured a full-time post (I had to move house for it) within six months.

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