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Chatroom - Swine flu arrangements

The view from the TESS forums

The view from the TESS forums

Posted by readyfortheweekend

A copy of an SNCT document arrived in the staffroom last week and it is to be discussed. Am I alone in my concern at its contents? Particularly:

- Class sizes (including composites but excluding ASN) pushed to 33 and "In extremis, a teacher may volunteer to cover over these numbers for a short period of time."

When does volunteering become pressure from SMT?

- Working hours "if there is a need", teachers can be required to teach over the contracted 22.5 hour . "where practicable, a payback arrangement may be provided by the council to reduce class contact following the return to normal arrangements".

Who decides?

- Relocation - we can be requested to move to different schools - not problematic if your nearest alternative is close, but if your authority is large, what limits are suggested on reasonable travel?

Am I worried over nothing?

Posted by catmother

There was a thread about this a few weeks ago in TESS. Posters were appalled. There have been two occasions this year where I've found out our rights to sign out and leave when we have no pupils can be "suspended". Working conditions are not always as they seem.

Posted by mathsguy

We are paid to work a certain number of hours per week. This time is subdivided to allow us to do our jobs effectively and provide us with fair working conditions. I don't see why our working conditions should be compromised because of something outwith our control.

Posted by Dominie

The EIS position was challenged by SSTA representatives when the teachers' side of the SNCT met. SSTA reps were concerned about the kind of problems here. Made no difference: EIS went ahead and accepted the deal. They have a majority on the teachers' side.

Posted by mathsguy

The EIS and SSTA will be at odds regarding issues that affect primary and secondary teachers differently, but this affects teachers equally - and is surely NOT in the best interests of teachers.

Posted by readyfortheweekend

It's a shocker. I'm in the EIS and can't see why a union would agree to this without safeguards. Most of us go beyond the call of duty, but it's not the same as being doormats for hard-up councils and SMT.

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